Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
We are volunteer amateur radio operators who serve our community by providing emergency and disaster communications during a time of need. We develop and maintain our communications ability by training throughout the year with weekly radio nets and special practice exercises. RACES is not a club, rather it is a public service under FEMA and the FCC and administered by a city, county or state civil defense agency responsible for disaster services.

May 1, 2021 City/County RACES Deployment Exercise


Don Schwab, K6IAA at the Clubhouse 1 Radio Room


From left to right: John Pilger K6PIO, Bruce Bonbright NH7WG, Mike Epstein KA6VPG, and Jim Riedel K6EEE serving as Emergency Operations Center radio operators during the 2019 Great Shake Out exercise.

If you have a heart for serving your community as an amateur radio operator and are willing to be called up and rapidly deployed to provide vital communications services, you can learn more by clicking on the “About Us” tab above.